Who are we

We’re chemists, creators, directors, aviation enthusiasts and awkward foodies.
The team has over two decades of experience in the aviation industry, challenging
the status-quo to ensure that our partners receive the optimal, most effective product for their buck!

We work closely with our partners to design, create and produce work that we are proud of, for folks that we believe in. We are available to assist with a wide range of creative aviation disciplines for a variety of jobs, projects and gigs.

ASGlobal, as the name implies, is a worldwide organization with offices located in Canada and the European Union and partners & team members all over the globe. We are a small but trusted name in aviation specialty chemicals, with a focus on winterization products. Whether to support airlines, airports or aviation ground services companies, we pride ourselves with our unique world-class customer service approach as we grow our North American customers base along with multiple footprints in Europe.


There is a list of a multitude of products used in the aviation industry with the purpose of ensuring that aircraft operate safely and efficiently.
ASGlobal is uniquely positioned as a producer and distributor of a few of these products such as aircraft deicing fluids,
runway deicing fluids and aircraft lavatory fluids.

Aircraft deicing and anti-icing fluids, depending on the market, are available as either ethylene glycol- or propylene glycol-based fluids.
These fluids provide a rapid and uniform coverage on the aircraft surfaces in addition to long holdover times at various cold temperatures.
This allows for continuous aircraft departure when the weather is unpredictable and challenging. These fluids can be used as concentrate
or pre-dilute to support in the removal of ice, snow and frost from the exterior surfaces of aircraft during the winter season.

What makes us different

ASGlobal offers its partners a portfolio of personalized services. In addition to the below list, our services include Customer support throughout the process, Technical assistance, Inventory monitoring and coordination and staff training. Our technical and professional team members can help you follow-up on the use of our products and offer field application services to assist you in maximizing the efficiency of your processes.



We practice what we preach. We explore the possibilities for improvement in your business processes. Our team can help you lower costs and decrease the turnaround time to many processes yielding positive results on service delivery and customer satisfaction.


Laboratory & quality control

Our excellent accredited lab ensures our products meet the exacting standards we set ourselves, as well as the various international standards. We ensure that these services are also available to our clients, with quick turnarounds, ensuring you don't miss a beat.


Product changeovers

We don't just deliver, we are with you on site, to hold your hand through the whole changeover process from start to finish. This ensures a swift and safe result and minimal downtime.


Consulting for technology & optimization

Engineering and technology is the cornerstone of our business, and we are set to keep our clients on the leading edge of optimization, whether it be in storage, vehicles, software, spraying or recovery.


Laboratory studies

Need a specific product designed for your needs, or do you need help determining potential issues. Our team of specialists can help you!


Personnel training

Education is one of the pillars of market leaders, we are no exception. We offer access to some of the most recognized names in this field, with regionally specific experts, and a multilingual group, we ensure no one is left behind.



A: ASGlobal utilizes various subcontractors that are elite in the domains of logistics and manufacturing to ensure consistent and timely deliveries

A: Our products are currently used by industry leading operators and carriers.

A: With solid financial backing from the private sector, ASGlobal is well positioned for sustainable growth and longevity

A: Our product line production quality control and documentation is regularly audited by experts in their field to ensure compliance with the many international regulators including FAA, EASA, Transport Canada and CAA

A: With our multilingual team spanning sixteen (16) times zones and communicating in ten (10) languages, we stand ready to help when you need it most

Regulatory & international organizations

Aviation regulatory agencies are charged with oversight of the aviation industry. Such agencies are primarily governmental or international organizations. The issue of safety is central to any such agency: Not only must the aviation industry be supervised; passenger aircraft must also be certified safe.

The Team

Knowledge & expertise

ASGlobal is proud to be a leading supplier of all types of aviation chemicals.
Our knowledge and expertise extends beyond fluid sales; offering inventory management monitoring,
system requirement, equipment purchasing or procurement and complete system solutions focused on customer support.

We are trusted by airlines, ground handlers and airports to manage the procurement and distribution of their deicing and runway fluids. Strategic vendor relationships coupled with the ability to provide a comprehensive range of control systems and services positions ASGlobal as a trusted partner for all aviation fluid services.

Having the right players on the team makes all the difference. Our team can work with you to design brief learning sessions that build on increasing the knowledge of your staff as it pertains to the needs and requirements of fluids for the industry. Our team understand what is important for each generation as it may be on perspectives, communication, decision-making and change.

ASGlobal’s team has the know-how and knowledge to work with you and your team to help your company minimize net spend on fluid without compromising safety and unique customer service. Our team’s deep understanding of market forces, logistics and product composition allow for cutting edge market analysis resulting in very competitive prices of fluid and solutions.

We have the ability to propose innovative solutions for supply and handling with multiple parties involved. Strong product supply chain knowledge allows us to strategically manage inventory and storage capacity from a distance and anticipate your needs based on forecasted weather events.

ASGlobal offers the highest quality and supply of de-icing fluid products with best in class performance. We offer supply in bulk, totes and drums of ready-to-apply liquid or concentrate in Canada, the United States and across Europe.

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Our way of giving back

Green credentials

We want our business to operate as sustainably and Carbo-fficiently as possible. Given that we service the Aviation Sector, with a new and strengthened focus on sustainability, we want to be partners, and friends of the future. We will also be ensuring that all of our product deliveries are CO2 neutral, to give added momentum to the process of reducing our footprint, and ensuring long term success

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